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Who are clear braces?

Orthodontists use a different type of braces to align and straighten teeth. Normally braces are made of metal like stainless steel which is called metal brackets and clear braces are usually made of plastic or porcelain. Basically, two types of materials are commonly used to make clear braces which include polycarbonate and ceramic that is a variety of plastic. A combination of these two materials makes one bracket and flexible and thin wire which is made of titanium and nickel is used to connect brackets with each other.

Reason to choose clear braces

A very common and authentic reason behind choosing clear braces is its appearance. These clear braces are invisible to others and that’s why you feel comfortable and satisfied after wearing clear braces as long as is the requirement of your treatment. Your orthodontist recommends you to wear clear braces if you feel shyness about wearing braces. Typical metal braces are visible due to its formation and you hesitate to smile and talk in front of people. These braces conceal your issue in front of others for whatever reasons you put your braces would not be embarrassing for you anymore.

Benefits of wearing clear braces

There are few evident benefits of wearing clear braces

Removable- These braces are removable and you can remove for hygiene purpose and for eating your meal and you can replace these back after meal or cleaning.

Oral health- These clear braces improve your oral health because you can remove and clean braces as well as you can brush your teeth properly.

Straighten teeth- These braces can straighten and align your teeth without bearing the pain of permanent metal braces. You can chew and eat your meal easily with your straighten teeth.

Stronger gums and teeth- Clear braces make your teeth stronger and protect your gums from oral deceases.

Fills the gap between teeth- these are used to align teeth and to fill the extra gap between teeth due to which your teeth look ugly.

Release stress- These braces minimize the stress of jaw joints and provide support to the gum. These improve the functionality of your mouth and make you comfortable, confident and relaxed.

Align jaw- You can correct the alignment of your jaw by putting clear braces which enhance your beauty, smile and appearance.

Final draft

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