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Cosmetic dentistry is a sub-branch of dentistry which mainly concerns with the maintenance of the natural appearance of the teeth of an individual. Although these services can often be used to improve oral health, their most common use is to dramatically improve the external look and appearance, which makes them an extremely good choice for people who are insecure about themselves, especially when appearing for group photographs and any occasion where they are asked to smile.

There are lots of different services, and not all of them may be suitable for you. Before selecting which procedure you would like to undergo, take some extra time to read about them and understand what kind of effects can be felt after the procedure is over:

Teeth Whitening

By far the most popular dental procedure, whitening can be performed by virtually any dental clinic out there: you don’t have to go out of your way to find clinics focusing on dental cosmetics. Whitening is a quick and easy procedure to restore the natural teeth colour, which may have gone away due to teeth discolouration or due to the formation of plaque. However, your teeth need to be inspected before the procedure, seeing as there are people who shouldn’t attempt bleaching their teeth due to special circumstances.

Orthodontic Treatment

Children and young teenagers are the most likely people to meet an dental clinic in Kew, but that doesn’t exclude adults from being able to undergo treatment for fixing crooked and misaligned teeth. In fact, orthodontic treatment is slowly gaining popularity among the older populace, seeing that these procedures are extremely helpful for correcting major irregularities with minimal effort.

Crown Placement

Dental crowns are commonly used as a means of protecting badly decayed teeth or to fill in missing spaces that may be there after a few of your teeth have been pulled out. Crowns are therefore able to fit in a variety of roles, making them a very popular service amongst the ones that may be offered by a reputed dental clinic. In recent times, however, crowns have been losing to dental veneers, seeing as the latter look better, are more practical and last longer. The only thing holding them back is the dental veneers cost, which still provides a use case for crowns in modern dentistry.


Slight imperfections in the teeth can be easily taken care of by dental reshaping. The advantage of this method is its quickness: the results are immediate, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time to find a perfect smile. Reshaping can be done either by removing some of the existing enamel or filling in with a filler material.